U-CDX Gaylans Stony Lonesome UD CCA
(UDX legs and OTCH points)
April 13, 1998 - January 20, 2010

CH Ashford's Saffron O'Reilly UDT, JH, WCX, VCX, (OS/SDHF)
Trumpet's Gaylans Butterfly CD, JH, AX, AXJ WCX, CCA, VC (OD)
When we decided to add a second pup to our home, we didn't how much it would change our life.  Tucker was everything a golden retriever
should be.  His temperment was sweet and enduring.  An intact male, he was polite around other boys and loved to play with puppies.  He never
met someone who wasn't a friend.  He had a medium/high energy level.  He was happy to lay quietly at your feet but always had one ear
listening for the words "ball", "frisbee" and "walk"!

Tucker was a very well balanced dog conformationaly.  We were told he could easily finish with a handler, but not wanting to part with our baby
boy for even a minute, we choose not to go that route.  He stood 24-1/2" at the shoulder and had a beautiful, med/light gold, drip dry coat and a
head and expression that melted your heart.

In the obedience ring he was a happy and exuberant worker.  The judges always comment on his beautiful performances.  He worked with his
tail and head up, looking as if there is no place he would rather be.  He earned his CD, CDX, U-CD and U-CDX all in the minimum of three
straight shows and each with placements.  After a long absence from the show ring, Tucker re-entered the ring at the 2005 National Specialty
and took 3rd place in Utility A, receiving his first Utility leg!  The UD title soon followed early in 2006 along with his first UDX leg, with leg number
two coming shortly after (along with four OTCH points).

Susan's main focus is obedience although Tucker was started in tracking and had an incredibly strong nose.  He was also a natural marker and
would have done well in the field.  There isn't anything he wouldn't retrieve and bring to hand.  At a field seminar, he proved this when he was
asked to retrieve his first real bird.
(View our photo journal from the seminar) He was a very strong swimmer and LOVED jumping off the dock
with style!  This was an all purpose dog who could excell at many things but Susan had limited training time and chose to concentrate only on

On November 21, 2009 at the tender old age of 11 years and 5 months, Tucker earned his GRCA Certificate of Conformation (CCA).  We are
proud of our Tucker!

Tucker came from very long lived, healthy lines (daddy lived to be 15 and mom his mom was just shy of 14!).  His puppies are beautiful
representatives of the breed.  They posses their daddy's endearing personality, bidability and good looks.
Trumpet's Blond Burlap CD, SH, WCX, Can WCI
Am-Can CH Trumpet's Tijac Twister
Am-Can CH Pepperhill Gldn Pine Trumpet
CH Suntory Golden Pine RMS CD, JH, WC
Raykist Sunshine Champagne (OD)
CH Sunshine's Four on the Floor (OS)
CH Rosewind's Ashford Murphy (OS/SDHF)
CH Starring Dawn Heir Ashford CDX (OD)
Riverbend's Rugamuffin MH, ** WCX (OD)
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Trumpet's Gaylans Butterfly CD, JH, AX, AXJ, WCX, CCA, VC  (OD)
CH Ashford's Saffron O'Reilly UDT, JH, WCX, VCX, (OS/SDHF)
CH Sunshine's Goldwind Devon (OS)
AM-Can CH Ashford's Annie O'Neill CD, WC, VC, (OD)
CH Golden Pine Hi-Way To Heaven
Tucker, still enjoying life
at 11 years and more!
Tucker (middle) earned his CCA on November 21, 2009!
Photo courtesy of Anna Gilliam
We lost our Tucker to cardiac hemangiosarcoma at age 11 years and 9 months.  Much too early.  In true Tucker fashion, he never gave us any
indication that he was ill.  He was gone from us quickly and with no time to prepare for the hole he has left in our lives.

Tucker was my constant companion, my shadow in all of lifes adventures.  He built three houses with us, traveled all over the US, enjoyed many
hours of hiking and swimming and many nights cuddling on the couch.  Many of my friends I have met because of Tucker.  He took me to places
and introduced me to people that I may never have known otherwise.  Tucker had this special "aura" about him.  Many people say that they
know what I am talking about but until you walked in public with this dog, you really didn't understand.  Once on a walk in downtown Lafayette, a
motorist breaked his car to a halt and left it running in the middle of the road.  He wanted to know where he could get a dog JUST like Tucker.  
We once took Tucker to the Sourwood Festival in Black Mountain.  The amount of attention he received was sureal.  It was almost as if people
had to lay their hands on him.  He had such a sweet and endearing personality that people were drawn to him.  I have walked other dogs in
public, including Tuckers sone Tag, and yes, people want to see them and pet them.  Tucker was different.  It seemed to be almost a spiritual
moment that people had when they met our golden boy.

We love and miss you TuckTuck.  Our home is just not the same without your big sneezy smiles.  We miss you more than we can ever put in to
words.  Rest peacfully big boy.    Love, Susan and Don, Truly and Tag