High Vistas Taylor Chardonnay CD
March, 1994 - October, 2003
Taylor was our first golden, our baby girl.  We brought her
home as a 7 week old puppy and she never once cried for
her littermates.  She wanted to be around people and could
care less about other dogs. She was Tuckers surrogate
mom, teaching him how to protect the property and how to
play her games.  She introduced Susan to the world of
obedience competition, getting her companion dog title in
four shows with a score of 197-1/2 and second place for her
first leg.  Her only NQ was due to her decision to visit the
stewards on the recall instead of going straight to mom.  
That's how Taylor was.  She loved people and being around
people.  She is sorely missed by our family.