Welcome to Ivy Golden Retrievers!

We currently share our home with three beautiful
golden retrievers named Truly, Tripp and Tyler.  Here at
Ivy Way, our dogs are our family members first.  They
share our home and they share every aspect of our
lives.  Whether we are spending a quiet evening by the
fire, hiking the Appalachian Trail or working with real
estate clients, you will often see one or more of our
beloved goldens at our side.

We also compete in various dog sports.  All of our
goldens are excellent working dogs.  They compete with
a lot of drive and a lot of flash.  Training and
competition is just another way for us to bond with our
goldens and enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Click on their pictures to read about our wonderful
golden friends and enjoy your visit!
Questions or comments about
our dogs?
Contact Susan at