In 2000 we went searching for that perfect piece of land where
we could build our dream home.   Located in the mountains of
Western North Carolina, our home at Ivy Way was planned
very thoughtfully and with a lot of care.  We designed every
aspet of our home and set about building it with the highest
quality in mind.  Our home will forever be an ongoing, evolving
process.  Our ideas are plentiful.  From custom trim in the
interior to orchards and gardens outdoors, we have plenty to
keep us busy!

Then there are our dogs!  We happily share our home with our
beloved golden retrievers.  Our
dogs compete in obedience
competition and double as couch potatoes.  Our constant
companions and friends, life wouldn't be the same without

We hope you enjoy your visit.
Drop us a line and let us know how you are do doing!
-Sincerely, Don and Susan
Welcome to Ivy Way!
Our home at Ivy Way as viewed from the barn