The Nursery Rhyme kids and the Story Book kids are going home!
These are pictures taken of both litters over several weeks.  Both litters spend time together out
in the yard with both momma's watching over them so I gave up separating their pages!
For more information
on this litter contact:
Mary Williams
Starseeker Golden Retrievers
PO Box 3545
Columbia, South Carolina  29230

Phone:  803-735-0599
For more information
on Tucker, contact:
Susan Young
Ivy Golden Retrievers
Weaverville, North Carolina

Phone:  828-273-9108
Photos taken of
Nursery Rhyme kids
at 6 and 8 weeks,
the Story Book kids
at 7 and 9 weeks
Kisses and pups (6 and 7 weeks old).  They are a
little old to nurse but Kisses doesn't care.
13 pups (6 and 7 weeks old) at the food bowl.
Hannah's Blue Girl - Jilli Bean.  Looking cute and being playful!
Kisses's Blue Girl (7 weeks)
looking adorable.
Hannah's Green Boy.  Don't you just want to love on him?
Puppy fight!
Kisses's Black Boy (7 weeks) - I still need a home!
Kisses's Red Boy and Hannah's Blue Boy
digging for gold
Kisses's Green Boy (9 weeks)
digging in his water dish
Group Swim!
Hannah's Red Boy (8 weeks)